JCS Cedar Cove Academy

Now offering a 90/10 Spanish Immersion Program for 24-25 Kindergarten and 1st grade students. ¡Estamos Felices!

About the Academy

At Cedar Cove Academy, we challenge each child to achieve academic and personal success in a nurturing environment. We believe that every child is unique and deserves a high-quality education from highly-trained and masterful teachers. At Cedar Cove Academy, our teachers and all team members make it their mission to come to know each child’s special talents, learning styles, strengths, and needs.

Through continual and varied means of assessment, teachers strive to tailor their instruction to provide each student with the most appropriate learning experiences. Cedar Cove Academy teachers design differentiated learning centers that allow children choice and experiential practice, and the students have the opportunity to carry out a wide variety of engaging projects throughout the school year. Our staff is seasoned with an average over 15 years experience which enables us to deliver a high quality experience for all families.

Students take advantage of our beautiful outdoor garden and surrounding outdoor learning spaces daily. They learn to collaborate, think critically, and respond to the world around them as they gain independence and responsibility within a loving community. Spanish instruction is included in the curriculum for all grades.

As we transition to a full Spanish Immersion program, our Kindergarten and 1st grade students will adhere to a 90/10 Spanish Immersion model. Each year, we will add a grade to our Spanish Immersion cohort. Spanish instruction will decrease each year, until we reach a 50/50 model (50% English and 50% Spanish instruction) by 4th and 5th grade. Our regular English program with Spanish as an elective will continue to be offered through the 27-28 school year as our current rising 2nd graders promote through 5th grade. TK will continue to be offered in English with Spanish as an elective.

All of our instruction is based on the Common Core Standards for mathematics and language arts, the California State Standards for social studies, and the Next Generation Science Standards. The teachers have the freedom and flexibility to select from many different resources while they are creating meaningful and engaging curricula that are based on these national and state mandates.

We believe in the importance of respect and practice the art of positive discipline. We are a family at Cedar Cove Academy! Together we practice the 7 Habits of Highly effective people through our LeaderinME curricula from FranklinCovey. Everyone who is part of our family is expected to treat each other with love and kindness…always!

At Cedar Cove Academy, we know how important it is to establish a community where parents are our partners. Parents are co-teachers on home study days, and they serve as classroom volunteers, field-trip guides, PTO members, and assist with community service efforts. Together we nurture the whole child while creating life-long learners and the leaders of tomorrow.

Daily Schedule



Our Approach to Learning

At Cedar Cove Academy, our teachers are able to successfully educate the “whole” child because they use what they know about each child’s unique academic and personal needs when planning for instruction. Throughout the school year, our educators use a wide variety of assessments in order to specifically target where each child is on his/her learning journey. Cedar Cove Academy teachers design differentiated learning centers that allow children choice and experiential practice, and the students have the opportunity to carry out a wide variety of engaging projects throughout the school year. Students learn to collaborate, think critically and respond to the world around them as they gain independence and responsibility within a loving community.Since Cedar Cove Academy is a public school program, our teachers use the Common Core Standards for English-Language Arts and Math, Next Generation Science Standards, and California State Standards for Social Studies in order to determine what needs to be taught. We are not a textbook-based program. Instead, the teachers use the state and national standards to create an exciting curriculum that is more authentic, hands on, and personalized. Even though our students attend classes 4 days a week on our campus, Cedar Cove Academy is still a home-study program. Parents account for approximately 30% of their child’s education during the course of one school year.

At Cedar Cove Academy, we believe that children learn best by engaging in curriculum through real world and hands-on experiences. Learning centers seek to engage students through various learning styles and multiple intelligences including: kinesthetic, spatial, musical, verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, interpersonal and intrapersonal. Centers take real world materials and create meaningful learning experiences for students to work both independently and cooperatively. Centers span all subject matters and allow students to work at differentiated levels so every child can achieve success, build on prior knowledge and reach their individual learning goals. Centers are aligned with the Common Core and CA State Standards and span multiple grade levels. Centers are engaging in that they often take on the form of games, investigations and mini projects. Students look forward to participating in the centers daily, as they are both challenging and developmentally appropriate. Centers allow children to grow exponentially and they are always being modified so that learning stays fresh and exciting! You can find out more about learning centers by viewing some of the research done, which supports the use of learning centers in the classroom.

As a publicly funded school, our K-6 curriculum is based on Common Core and California State Standards. Our innovative teachers excel at designing differentiated, engaging lessons across the grade level subjects. Our project-based learning model fits in with the mission of the common core standards which is “…to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need.”

Parents are responsible for approximately 30% of their child’s education during the course the school year. This instruction takes place whenever there is a home-study day. Home-study days include every Friday and a few other days throughout the year. During a home-study day, children work on completing project components and/or other activities that the teachers assign. Our teachers provide detailed and scaffolded project directions so that the children and parents are clear on what is expected.

At Cedar Cove Academy, we strongly believe that everyone deserves to be respected no matter what happens. When an unfavorable situation arises during a school day, Cedar Cove Academy teachers and other staff members try to get to the heart of the matter. Those involved have opportunities to share their feelings, reflect on what happened, apologize when appropriate, and focus on problem solving in an attempt to make the situation better. Discussions about what happened always take place in a private way. Since we believe the all of the children are capable of solving their own problems, Cedar Cove Academy educators create a space for the students to show appreciation for each other and to help each other solve problems. This space is created in the form of weekly circle time meetings. The children share their feelings, frustrations, and concerns with each other in a very peaceful way, and they use “I” statements. We focus on building each child’s character at our program, so the children learn not only how to be while at school, but they also learn how to be in the world around them.

In 2024, Cedar Cove Academy decided to make the transition to a full Spanish Immersion program in order to meet the growing demand for bilingual education and to be a leader in California’s Global Initiative to increase biliteracy in students. We are proud to maintain our same philosophy of “challenging every child to achieve success in a nurturing environment” – simply in a new language, Spanish.

How will it work?

In the Fall of 2024, Kindergarten and 1st grade students will be instructed in Spanish for 90% of the time and in English for 10% of the time. This is called a 90/10 dual immersion model.

Students begin learning within the 90/10 model. As they progress through dual immersion grade levels, the percentage of Spanish instruction decreases. By grade four, students will be instructed 50% in English and 50% in Spanish with a pathway to biliteracy and bilingualism.

Each year, we will add a Spanish immersion grade level. For example, in 2025-2026 we will offer K-2 Spanish immersion classes. When the current English speaking 1st graders are promoted from 5th grade, our current & very seasoned English teaching team will become the English teaching component of our Spanish Immersion program. We are fortunate to be able to maintain the longevity of our incredibly experienced staff as we add additional, bilingual, teachers to our team.

All support staff and Ed Specialists will continue their roles supporting students in the classroom and on the playground throughout our journey to a dual language immersion school.

Our TK program will continue to be offered in English, with Mrs. Vega, for the foreseeable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Julian Charter School Academy?
The idea of establishing academy programs began when Julian Charter School recognized the needs of a population of students who were unable to participate in the original home study program. Many parents work full-time or they feel uneasy about teaching certain academic subjects. The academy option allows parents to have the benefits of group instruction from highly qualified teachers while still maintaining some of the freedom of home study. In 2024, we decided to make the transition to a full Spanish Immersion program in order to meet the growing demand for bilingual education opportunities.

What grades are offered at Cedar Cove Academy?
Cedar Cove Academy currently serves students in Transitional Kindergarten-5th Grade.

How often will my student attend class?
All students typically attend a full day of Academy classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Every Friday and various other days throughout the school year are home study days and teachers assign home study work to be completed with the parent-teacher. For more information, please refer to the Academy Calendar.

How many students are in each class?
Our goal is to enroll 15-20 students in each grade level. Specific class sizes may vary depending upon enrollment and flexible, leveled, or interested-based groupings.

Will my student have homework?
Cedar Cove Academy teachers assign homework and take consideration to ensure that students have meaningful and time-appropriate assignments. Homework may consist of assignments or projects which enrich, enhance, and extend a learning experience or reinforce a pre-taught skill.

How much does the academy cost?
Cedar Cove Academy is a program option through JCS Cedar Cove, which is a public charter school sponsored by the Julian Union School District. There are no fees to participate. Students will receive all the textbooks and course instruction they need through the academy.

When do I have to make my Academy decision?
Once you have attended an Academy Tour, you will receive the Academy Application Packet. This packet and accompanying paperwork are due in the academy office as soon as possible. Spaces are limited and students may be placed on a enrollment waiting list.

Will I be able to keep my current educational facilitator if my student is enrolled in the Academy? (Applicable to Current JCS students)
No. Once your student is enrolled in the academy, the Academy Coordinator will become his/her teacher of record. If you have an educational facilitator that is serving other family members, your academy enrollment will not affect these relationships. Once a student has been enrolled in the academy, the academy will take care of all transfer work and facilitator notification. We strongly encourage you to discuss this option with your educational facilitator (if applicable).