1st Grade Spanish Immersion

Marta Ballester

Marta Ballester

Marta Ballester grew up in Barcelona, Spain with her two sisters and two brothers. After studying Social Integration she decided to pursue her passion for teaching and earned her Teaching Degree and Master’s in Human, Social, and Legal Sciences at the International University of Catalonia.

With over a decade of dedication to teaching, her educational approach focuses on creating a positive learning environment where students feel safe and challenged. She firmly believes that each student is unique and special and is committed to establishing a connection with each of them to discover their individual academic interests, talents, and learning styles. To Mrs. Ballester, the learning process is an exciting adventure where every step, every attempt, and every achievement is valuable and meaningful.

When  not in the classroom, she enjoys spending quality time with her two children, Mar (age 7) and Nil(age 4). They live in San Marcos and love exploring different places and cultures, meeting new people, and learning together every day. Additionally, both Mrs. Ballester and her husband are excited to accompany Mar to her dance and cheerleading competitions, and Nil to his swimming and soccer activities. During our family evenings, we have fun playing games, watching movies, and planning our next adventures to discover the best destinations in the country.

Mrs. Ballester is excited for this new school year and the opportunity to grow and learn alongside her students at JCS Cedar Cove Academy.